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2 October 2018

Exposure Drafts on Religious Freedom and Associated Legislation

27 August 2019

Why Women Should Be Concerned by the Religious Freedom Push

26 June 2019


7 June 2019

Dear former Brumbies Chaplain……

10 February 2019

Why do Christians Attack Transgender People? It’s not Love

25 December 2018 – Christmas Day

What is a Merry Christmas – Recieving​ or Agitating

May 2018

Sydney Prayer Breakfast – “Freedom From” or “Freedom For” I think they got it wrong

August 2017 – March 2018

Much of my blogging during this period of time was targeted around the #MarriageEquality postal survey and resulting issues.  I tended to post directly on the associated Facebook page to this website – please visit to see my jottings around that period.

June 2017
Where would Jesus be on identity politics?

March 2017
A Current Parallel to Jesus Story of the Man Born Blind

February 2017

Communion and Danish TV – include or exclude

“Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light” – C Marx.

January 2017

It is time to rise up!